1. Mix & Match (4) 50 gram Fantasia Hookah Tobacco and receive FREE Ignite Charcoal

  2. Buy a 250 gram tub of Starbuzz Hookah Tobacco and receive FREE Ignite Charcoal

  3. Buy ANY (2) bottles of wine receive 10% off your purchase

  4. Buy ANY (2) Domestic Beers 24 oz (Miller, Bud, Coors) 2/$4

  5. Mix & Match any (5) Cigars receive 10% off your Cigar purchase

  6. Buy a BOX of Cigars (25 count) receive 20% off your Cigar purchase


Grayslake Tobacco is conveniently located on the corner of Rt. 120 and Rt. 45 minutes from Freeway 41 and Highway 94. We carry hard to find microbrew beerliquorwinecigarsgift items and hookah & pipe tobacco.

Come in and stop by our:

Walk-In Humidor

Walk-In Cooler

Liquor & Wine department 



—- Warning! A LOT of microbrew beer that is carried at Grayslake Tobacco can NOT be found anywhere else in town.

—- To ensure customer satisfaction we also take orders SO if there is a beer/liquor/wine/hookah tobacco/cigar that we do not carry. Please stop in/call us and let us know what product you are looking for and can not seem to find. We will do our best to get in touch with our distributors and get the product delivered to our store ASAP.

—- Major credit cards accepted (minimum purchase of $10) with a valid Driver’s License or State ID. All customers must have a valid State Issued Picture ID to purchase tobacco products, tobacco accessories, or alcoholic products.