Cohiba - La Republica Dominicana

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As one of the best selling and most famous brand in the world, the cohiba is a super premium blend with an esteemeed reputation for quality and flavor.

These fuller-bodied Cohibas are flawlessly made with very select, very rare, longer-aged Nicaraguan and Piloto Cubano ligero filler leaves and a USA-Connecticut broadleaf binder. Plus, the dark, oily, extra-aged Ecuadorian Sumatra wrappers perfectly balance these remarkably smooth-smoking cigars. Vigorously rich in complex flavor, aficionados will really appreciate these bold and exciting Cohiba cigars. 

Cohiba Extra Vigoroso XV 652

Wrapper: Ecuadoran Sumatra. Filler: Nicaraguan Liergo and Piloto Cubano Ligero Blend. Binder: Connecticut Broadleaf. Country of Manufacture: Dominican Republic. Factory name: General Cigar Dominicana. — The history: In response to the rising demand for fuller-flavored cigars, cigar master Daniel Nuniez? set out to create an extension of the successful Cohiba line. The result is Cohiba XV, an Extra Vigoroso cigar made with all the inspiration and dedication to quality that have made Cohiba one of the most respected premium brands in the country. The cigar: The most distinctive leaf of a Cohiba XV cigar is its sun-grown Sumatra wrapper from Ecuador. Harvested only from the tops of the tobacco plants, each of these wrapper leaves is aged in tercio for three years. The flavor is then enhanced by aging all of the leaves again for six months in crates of fragrant cedar. In crafting Cohiba XV cigars, the most flavorful Nicaraguan Ligero and Dominican Piloto Cubano Ligero are bound with the richest three-year-old Connecticut Broadleaf. The result is a cigar that is made, not only to please, but also to impress. The experience: Every inch a Cohiba in terms of its tobacco selections and craftsmanship, Cohiba XV delivers the richest, deepest Cohiba flavor.  





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