Cuban Davidoff
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Handmade in Santiago, Dominican Republic

Wrappper: Ecuador, USA/Connecticut .    Binder: Dom. Rep.     Filler:  Dom. Republic.

A carefully controlled series of events leads to the production of a Davidoff cigar. This celebrated brand, first created in Cuba in 1946. requires tobaccos which have been aged up to four years and only the finest leaves are used in a factory which is solely dedicated to the creation of this brand. Introduced in Novermber 1990, four different blends are used to create the five different Davidoff series: the large-sized, but mild and light Anniversarios; the mild, delicate and  aromatic Nos. 1-2-3 Tubos and Ambassadrice; the fuller-bodied , but still mild “Thousand” series; and the fullest-bodied Grand Cru and Special ranges, which share the same blend. All use the finest Connecticut-grown wrapper available.

The Millennium Blend debuted in 2001, offering a full-bodied taste in four elegant sizes. This group  uses an Ecuadorian wrapper and has a double band . You can find them in  packs of four or five, or in boxes of 10 (Churchill only), 20 (Tubos and Short robusto) or 25. The Exquisito is a mild-to-medium-bodied smoke, with Ecuadorian wrappers and  Dominican binder and fillers. The 2005-introduced Club Cigarillo has a different bland with a Sumatran wrapper, Javan binder and Brazilian and javan filler.

Davidoff has been deeply involved in the production of limited-edition cigars. It started in 1997 with the “535″ celebrating the 10th anniversary of the company’s store at 535 Madison Avenue in New York (6×50 toros in boxes of 20), it began formal production of Davidoff  Limited Editions.


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