14.9 FL. OZ. 440 ML 3.6% ALC. BY VOL.

BEER LOVER’S REVIEWS:Poured from a nitro line into a 16 oz Guinness glass. Pours beautifully with an inch of super-thick off white creamy head. Nose doesn’t deceive much which is exactly what I expected: pale malts and delicate hop aromas.  The taste was initially metallic but after the next few sips that subsided into a very basic and very good light malt and light hop profile. Definitely recommend this for some long term sessioning. Solid brew.

BEER LOVER’S REVIEWS: Smell here isn’t of really much. Perhaps a bit of creaminess. It’s just kind of “beery”. Pours out of the nitro-can into the glass a nice copper color, with a head about a centimeter thick. Good density. The taste here is of a mild toasted grain quality…nice and creamy mouthfeel with low carbonation. There’s a nice English hop bitterness at the end that finishes the beer out pretty well. A little bit of toastiness lingers after the swallow. After a while, the muted flavors pretty much die out and it’s just like drinking a thick, hardly flavored beer. An easy drinker…at this low ABV, you could drink these seemingly all day. It’s tasty, and just something you don’t have to think much about when drinking.

BEER LOVER’S REVIEWS:Poured from a nitro can, it is a beautiful sight. A thick, fine head eventually settles, revealing a clear copper/light mahogany color. The scent is faint, but definite hop aromas are present. The taste is surprisingly light-it is a bit bitter per the style and has an earthy/wood undertone. Very smooth and creamy feel. I could drink a lot of this beer. The best example of an english ale I have encountered.

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