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Kristoff – Criollo Description: Made in the spirit of an elite Cuban cigar, the Kristoff embodies the taste and richness a true aficionado is looking for. Packaged in a rough cut cedar ;box and surrounded by loose tobacco, the Kristoff has a beautiful pre-embargo feel. With a rich oily wrapper, pigtail and shaggy foot, the Kristoff tastes as good as it looks; it offers notes of toasted almond, hints of spice and sweet finish. Treat your palate to this incredibly smooth medium bodied cigar.

Kristoff – Sumatra: The Kristoff Sumatra is a medium bodied cigar with velvety floral notes, spice cinnamon and a smooth, sweet finish. This very traditional Cuban flavor will have you feeling like you’ve been transported back to old world Cuba.

Kristoff – Ligero Maduro: The new Kristoff Ligero Maduro similar to the Criollo, is full in body and flavor with rich notes of dried cherry, coffee bean, cocoa bean, spice and a sweet finish. The Kristoff Ligero Maduro will have the most discriminating cigar smoker back for more.

Kristoff – Ligero Criollo: If you are Looking for a full bodies cigar with full flavor, look no further. The new Kristoff Ligero Criollo has twice the amount of Ligero leaf in the filler than original Kristoff. It embodies incredible notes of toasted nut, caramel, under this cigar leaves a clean, fresh finish on your palate.

Brittania Reserva: The Brittania Reserva is a mild=medium bodied cigar that washes your palate with rich notes of heavy cream, hazel nut, a hint of spice and a smooth, sweet buttery finish. The Brittania Reserva offers the depth, flavor and complexity not found in other mild cigars.

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