G O R I L L A – F I N G E R S ( lars tetens )

In 1492, the cigar industry was destroyed. When Columbus came to the islands, he raped and pillaged the indigenous community. Do you think they then would teach (the Europeans) the ancient ways of cigar making? For centuries the ancient ways of making cigars was lost.

 Until now.
Lars Tetens spent years doing research to rediscover the ancient techniques of manufacturing cigars. Through an ancient secret conditioning process, Lars Tetens has brought back the spirit of the cigar. Real cigar connoisseurs worldwide recognize him to be the great champion of the true old world cigar. Now you too can experience what cigar connoisseurs worldwide are embracing as the cigar of the future, brought back from the past. If you have the wherewithal, nothing else but a Lars Tetens will do.

Lars Tetens has always been the leader in the cigar industry, breaking the conventional standards and solidifying the ancient way of making cigars within the world cigar market. Lars’ cigars are made in the true ancient way of cigar making, developed by the original tribes of South America. This process dates back thousands of years, and was almost lost when Columbus brought tobacco to Europe without understanding how to make a real cigar. Lars spent many years studying with these indigenous tribes to learn the true way of cigar making. The particular process that Lars uses gives you an incredible cigar like nothing else on the market; so incredible in fact there have been many companies that have sprung up trying to imitate Lars. These “newbies”, who started a few years ago, think that they can fool you with a cheap imitation, and attempt to copy Lars and make a quick buck on an inferior product. Lars has been making cigars with this process for over 25 years and still is the only manufacturer on the market to produce cigars in the traditional way they were originally made; making Lars’ line of cigars truly a unique and enjoyable experience.

Another great thing about Lars Tetens’ cigars is his innovative approach to packaging. Lars Tetens cigars are packaged for the convenience of the customer first. Each cigar comes in a resealable bag with a humidification sponge and a protective insert. It’s almost like a portable humidor; the smoker doesn’t have to worry about transporting the cigar, because that part is already taken care of.

Lars Tetens are great cigars that are enjoyed by everyone from the everyday smoker to top Hollywood celebrities and the leaders of Fortune 500 companies. Lars Tetens cigars are known for their legions of fans (as quoted from Smoke Magazine, Fall 1997) and are gaining new followers everyday as someone lights one up for the first time.

Gorilla Fingers Reveiws: The pre-light draw on this baby gave off stong smells of mildew and manure. Not the kind of mildew you might smell from a cigar that was over humidified. This cigar stayed in 70/70 for it’s whole stay with me. It was just built in flavor for pure enjoyment. The light went well, and the burn was about as consistent as you’d expect from this tasty treat.