GROLSCH: This style lager features a Delicate, Toasty Pale Malt. Citrus Aromas are followed by a tandy and smooth hint of Spice. (Available in Stock)

Grolsch Brewery

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Grolsch Brewery

Industry Alcoholic beverage
Founded 1615
Headquarters Enschede, Netherlands
Products Beer
Production output 3.2 million hectoliters
Owner(s) SABMillerh

Grolsch Brewery (Koninklijke Grolsch N.V. – “Royal Grolsch”), known simply as Grolsch (Dutch pronunciation: [ɣrɔls]), is a Dutch brewery founded in 1615 by Willem Neerfeldt in Groenlo. In 1895 the De Groen family bought the brewery. They had started their own brewery in Cuijk the Netherlands  in early 1800. It held a significant stake until November 2007. It is located today in Enschede and has been a part of the SABMiller group since March 2008.[1] It was awarded the Koninklijk  (Royal) title in 1995.

Grolsch 300ml  


The Grolsch brewery was founded in 1615 in Groenlo. The town of Groenlo was then known as Grolle, hence the name Grolsch, meaning ‘of Grolle’. Grolsch is best known for its 5% abv pale lager, Grolsch Premium Pilsner. The brewery was first operated by Willem Neerfeldt. Neerfeldt’s son-in-law, Peter Sanford Cuyper, later took over. Grolsch was, as of February 2006, the second largest brewer in the Netherlands (after Heineken) with annual production of 3.2 million hectoliters. The domestic market comprises fifty-one per cent of total production.

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