highland Park Single Malt Scotch Whisky Aged 12 Years.

Single Malt
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The event was a malt sampling of at least one single malt from each region… 1 Islay, 1 Speyside, 1 Highland, 1 Campbeltown, 1 Lowland and 1 Island style. The others were good, but the Highland Park was something special. Everything good about whisky rolled into one. Strong in nose, smooth in body, crisp honey sweetness and smokey with a long finish. A keeper. The Lagavulin was good, very good… The Springbank we tried was impressive and unique… but the winner on the night was the Highland Park. It simply made us breathe out a sigh of contemplation as we enjoyed it’s aroma, sweet and smokey body and great finish. Sure I probably rate others on a point scale at the same level or a tad higher, sure other malts are more complete or rounded… but this is a youthful and energetic dram, full of p**s and vinegar and at a tad over $40 it can not be beat! You know you have drunk a fine whisky, but without the after effects of a peaty-Islay monster such as Lagavulin or the peppery burn of Talisker (2 of my favourites, but only when the occasion is perfect). If you are fairly new to malts and need to graduate from the usual Glenlivet then one can not find anything more ideal than the Highland Park 12 year old.

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