J. Fuego Origen Originals


Image by G. Rivas Valderrama via Flickr

J. Fuego Origen Originals Around April of this year, J. Fuego started releasing a new cigar onto the market in very small quantities, called the “Origen Original”, a new vitola in the Origen line…The idea behind this vitola was quite different then his other cigars, (and truth be told, quite different then most other manufactures cigars as well)… J. Fuego Origen Originals Packaging has long been an important part of the cigar experience. According to The Cigar Companion, cigars were “originally sold in bundles covered with pigs’ bladders (with a pod or two of vanilla to improve the smell).” My first thought upon reading this was to wonder if there is anything that pigs can’t do.

J. Fuego Complete line of Cigars Available in Stock.

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  • 1.J. Fuego Gran Reserva Robusto 5×52.
  • 2.J. Fuego Gran Reserva Toro 6×50.
  • 3. J. Fuego Gran Reserva Grande 6 1/2×58.
  • 4. J. Fuego Gran Reserva Original.
  • 5. J. Fuego ” Delirium ” Toro 6×54.
  • 6. J. Fuego 777 Belicoso Maduro¬†5 1/2x 54.
  • 7. J. Fuego 777 Grande Maduro 6×60.
  • 8. J. Fuego Origen Toro 6×50.
  • 9. J. Fuego Origen Belicoso 5 1/2×52.
  • 10. J. Fuego Origen Original Pack of 5 minis.
  • 11. J Fuego Gran Reserva Belicoso 6×54.

J. Fuego

Gran Reserva Gran Reserva
Natural Natural
Delirium Delirium
Origen Origen