Bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label in a gift box.
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johnnie walker blue label 88 Distillery Johnnie Walker Style Blended Release Unspecified Age Unspecified Alcohol43% abv. Region Scotland Bottled For Distillery Created in the 1990s Johnnie Walker Blue Label marks a return to the 1850s and the prestigious roots of the brand’s founder, Johnnie Walker, who applied his tea blending skills to creating exclusive high quality blends of whisky for his most esteemed customers. The brand is enjoyed by the successful elite and represents high achievement and personal progress.

an amazingly well balanced smooth whiskey that a novice can enjoy and appreciate. the alcohol is never overpowering. it is never harsh. a start that is pleasant and a finish that makes one smile as the finish fades ever so gently. ( AVAILABLE HERE ).

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