Legendary Wisconsin Beer ( TYRANENA ) Lake Mills, Wisconsin. ROCKY’S REVENGE NOW AVAILABLE IN STOCK.

Rocky's Revenge

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The legend of Tyranena (pronounced Tie·rah·nee·nah) began long ago, in a time before history was written. Legend tells of a foreign tribe that built a series of stone structures and effigy mounds on the edge of a lake they called Tyranena.

Today, these structures lie preserved deep under the waters of Rock Lake. No one knows for sure who built them, the purposes they served, how and why they are now submerged, or even the meaning of the word Tyranena.

We invite you to develop your own theories while enjoying one of the new legends of Tyranena, the Legendary Wisconsin Beers of the Tyranena Brewing Company.  ASK for a Legendary Wisconsin Beer where you drink.

ROCKY’S REVENGE 6/12 Oz Bottles

Background: Deep in the darkest depths of Rock Lake prowls a great saurian known today as Rocky.  The legend of Rocky is old.  The ancient inhabitants of Aztalan warned of the beast by building a giant serpent mound at the lakes edge.  The early residents of Lake Mills were forewarned of a guardian placed in the lake to protect its sacred stone tepees.  And history tells of numerous encounters with Rocky, who became a source of great worry and fear.  Although not seen for over a century, divers still experience a feeling of dread and being watched.  Enjoy Rockys Revenge, our offering to this legendary protector of Tyranena.

BEER LOVER’S REVIEW: Poured from a 12oz bottle into a Duvel tulip.
A: Pours a deep, dark brown with a tan head that fades and leaves some islands.
S: Smell is smoke, caramel, mixed nuts and bourbon.
T: Very sweet here; a lot of residual sugars and a lot of vanilla from the bourbon. Nuts and oak come through as well.
D: Alcohol is hidden and the taste is dynamic and interesting. A bit too thin, but not by much. Overall: This is a very tasty, sweet treat. There is a lot of great flavours here and the bourbon is used in moderation: enough to give character, but not too much. A nice little beer. ( Johnny-Chicago ).

BEER LOVER’S REVIEW:A: Pours a nice dark brown with ruby highlights at the edges. A medium khaki colored head dissipates fairly quickly leaving only hints of lacing behind.
S: The smell is rather subdued, but there is still some nice characteristics to pick out. Sweet malt, chocolate, and maybe a touch of caramel. Even less subtle are the nuttiness and bourbon characteristics. This wasn’t quite as complex or aromatic as I was expecting.
T: The tast is better than the aroma would have you believe, although it wasn’t bad at all. First up are caramel/vanilla, some chocolate, and a bit of oak. These characteristics are somewhat surprisingly pronounced, but nicely balanced. Again, a little more subtle are the bourbon and nuttiness. The bourbon notes are right where they should be, but I would have liked to see the other characteristics a little more pronounced. Everything is there, but the overall taste is just … subtle.
M: Lighter than expected, with ample carbonation. A bit creamy, but would loved to have seen a bit more body here fore sure.
D: Pretty darn drinkable. The alcohol is hidden very well and despite not being quite what I had hoped for, it has some nice characteristics and is pretty well balanced. Overall, it goes down pretty easily and I’d have another if I had another bottle. (Mississipping – Mississippi).

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