MAD HATTER India Pale Ale

mad hatter, king of beers
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A- Orange/amber color. Very aesthetic to the eye. Perfect finger-width head which stayed with the beer the whole time. If it would dissipate, a slight stir brought a good head back to stay for another 10 minutes or so. Lacing on the glass was beautiful.

S- You can definitely smell the hops. It was almost reminiscent of a Sam Adams Lager. There were other smells in there I thought were floral and of some slight citrus. There were hints of a malt smell, but it wasn’t prominent.

T- Hops are very noticeable when tasting the beer. Unfortunately, I thought my beer tasted a little tinny. I asked my friend how his was, if there was any metallic taste; he said his wasn’t like that, so I think I may have drunk a rogue bottle. Overall, ignoring the tin, it tastes much like it smells. It’s very good.

M- Refreshing. Works the gums and sort of cleans the teeth like a good ale should. It was very smooth.

D- Very drinkable. Although it’s not a session beer, I feel like I could have a few more and enjoy them as if they were my first Mad Hatter. A six pack would be enough for a night, or even a week, if you want to make the beer last.

This was my first India Pale Ale, so, I’m not too familiar with it’s style quite yet, but from what I have read here on BA, it adheres pretty we

Beer Style: Pale Ale.  Serving Style: Bottle.  Volume by 5.25%.

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