Metropolitan ( FLYWHEEL ) Bright Lager Available in stock.

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The kinetic beauty of spicy hops grabs you by the nose and lets you know: this is German-inspired beer. A mild, bready malt sweetness greets you at the lips, smoothing the crisp hop flavors. Flywheel is meant for bombastic celebrations of singing voices and clamoring mugs. But then, that first contented moment of happy hour is uniquely celebratory as well.

Flywheel Bright Lager goes great with hot dogs, guitar jams, stir fry, bowling, taco salad, house warmings, baked potatoes, Saturday morning cartoons, tequila, gouda cheese, karaoke, bagel & schmear, Euchre, fresh berries, asparagus, 16-inch softball, sushi, darts, Pad Thai, family reunions, pb&j, flan, romantic weekend getaways, garlic bread, pay raises, nachos, baby showers, fondue, and Frisbee golf.

 Original Gravity: 13 Plato
Bitterness: 45 IBU
Color: 3.5 SRM
ABV 5.2%

Craft beer drinkers are caught up in a delicious whirlwind of flavors, aromas, and raise-the-bar-push-the-envelope beer styles offered by American craft brewers. We at Metropolitan would like to invite a little balance to the party. The smooth, mellow flavors and dry finish of German lagers are the foundation of Metropolitan’s beers. Of course, we can’t help but twist things up in our own way.

Toasty malts, spicy hops, and a ferocious DIY ethic motivate us to brew beer. Wait no longer. Drink one now. If you feel as inspired as we do, let us know.

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