MODUS HOPERANDI India Pale Ale – Colorado ( Available in Stock )

Ska Modus Hoperandi IPA

Image by Josh Mishell via Flickr

February 24th, 2011  So let’s bow down and worship a little green can filled with Modus Hoperandi, a brew so skunky and stinky it reminds us of something else.

Modus Hoperandi: an IPA sitting at 6.8% ABV and 65 IBUs. Beer: SKA Modus Hoperandi IPA Rating Avg: 3.68 No. of Ratings: 353.

BEER LOVER’S REVIEWS:A: Pours amber with a thick off-white head that sinks into quite nice lacings. Kind of rich sweet caramell malt over-powered by the hops, floral and bitter. The hops are very piney and citric; grapefruit and lemon sezt. Toffee sweetness to the caramell malt, quite rich. Lots of hops, mostly floral but also bitter. There’s grapefruit and lemon, and some orange sezt. Kind of bready.  Aftertaste is rather long and bitter with a sweet touch. Body is medium and carbonation is moderate.  This beer is a treat. You can enjoy it for a long time. My best suggestion is to buy a bunch and spend a night with only this beer (before, during and after dinner). Kalmar, Sweden.

BEER LOVER’S REVIEWS: Poured amber color with a thick creamy white head an lots of lacing.
S: the thick head kept much of the aroma lingering. Hops is the best way to put the smell and boy did it make my mouth water. Smokey cedar with the aromatic hop flavors makes it a great hop quencher. Smooth and medium bodied that doesn’t dry out the tongue. Which leads to a refreshing and easy drinkability. ( Foothills, Colorado ).

BEER LOVER’S REVIEWS: Poured from 12oz can, best by 5/29/11, to a pint glass. The beer pours a very slightly hazy copper/amber color with a HUGE 3 finger fluffy white head with great retention and lacing. A nice aroma of orange, grapefruit, mango, and pine hop character. A bit of of sweetness prevelant. Very nice. The beer hits with the resiny oily hop character with flavors found on the nose. The middle of the beer brings the bitterness with melds with a nice crisp malt character. The beer finishes with a fruity hop character to match the bitterness. Medium bodied with a little carbonation. Very smooth. Good. ( Parker, Colorado ).

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