Mothership Organic WIT

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“Yellow? I thought wit meant white? and where’s the barn?” If you are paying that much attention to our packging, we are sincerely flattered. And this new look is a toast to you – a beer connoisseur of impeccable taste. Drink up the story behind the new look.

Organic Mothership Wit wins gold
Posted by Greg Owsley There was something extra sweet about learning that our Mothership Wit won the gold medal in the Belgian-Style Wit category in this year’s Great American to last’s GABF nod, we didn’t feel Mothership was the Wit it could really be. We’ve challenged a Mothership Wit let us know what you think, it’s your scoring we care about most. mel 10/13/2008 12:28:05 – and that’s coming from a brewery with a pretty impressive GABF trophy showcase. Still, for Mothership
It’s Simple Who Loves Our Beer
We had this ad come in for approval. It was for Simple Shoes. Not beer. So why do we need to approve it? Because they made reference to our beer. In fact, they were playing off our good friend’s 1% For The Planet campaign, with a highly innovative “1% for (organic) beer campaign.” fineprint: Our favorite organic beer is Mothership Wit. If you work for New Belgium feel free to send a case…or two. How could we resist? Especially with the super strides Simple is taking
A) Pours with a finger thick head then settles to a thin lacing on top and at the sides of the glass. Hazy body. Gold in color. Visible sediment – hence the style, maybe but I don’t like visible sediment.
S) Banana, clove, lemon and bubble gum?
T) Mellow flavors from start to finish. Wheat with banana hints. Some spice notes in the mix – clove, black pepper, orange peel.
M) Fizzy. Crisp. Light body. Chewy.
D) A great witbier. I’d definitely drink another one. True to style.

MATTKOON ( Lexington, South Carolina) I  was taken back by the look of this beer but in a good way. its is a pale yellow almost like a lemonade. the smell was a lemony fresh odor. the taste is unusual (which is a good thing). it is very similar to a farmhouse ale. if you are in the mood for something different and refreshing you cant beat this. it stands alone and is a very interesting taste indeed. it would be nice on a springtime or summer afternoon.

GARTH DANIELSON  ( California )Poured from a 22 ounce bomber into a pint glass. The beer pours an extremely light and pale yellow, probably the brightest beer I’ve ever seen. The smell is a blend of wheat and coriander. On taste of the beer, there is a surprising lack of citrus which most Witbiers have. Unique, and appreciated. The beer is heavily based with the coriander spice, and there are also flavors of light barley. Very smooth and crisp in mouth, with a pale and spiced finish. The coriander is present in the aftertaste, but very light. The beer, overall, is very light, in regards to flavor, body, color, and smell. A decent flavor in its lightness, and very easy to drink.

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