OBAN Little Bay of Caves Single Malt

Oban 14yrs
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Single Malt
14 Years
43% abv.
Scotland: Highlands

Founded in 1794 at the heart of the coastal town known as “The Gateway to the Isles”, this is one of the smallest distilleries in Scotland. Oban’s tiny stills marry the sea air character of the Island malts to the soft, richly fruity style of the Highlands, creating their own rich, elegant and glowing West Highland malt.

Rich honey to pale gold. A hint of fresh copper. Initially looks quite thin, but it’s legs take a long time to emerge and remain strong for a surprisingly long time.
Initially light on the nose with sherry first emerging. Alcohol ever-so-gently tickles the nostrils but does not sting or numb. Takes quite a while to emerge: at first, one detects a multitude of aromas just beneath the surface, but they remain evasive. Soon, however, a touch of sweet honey and black pepper arrive. Shortly after this, one notices fresh damp wood just placed in the woodstove. Apples and bananas and other similar fruits are being prepared nearby.
Unbelievably light and delicate; not much oil. Feels very soft in the mouth. A faint but noticable sherry is laying down an excellent plate for the even softer tastes that lie above. Highly complex. Just as evasive as the nose, it teases your tongue and then darts away. The fruits and honey on the nose have been baked into a pie – it is quite sweet. The woodstove has long since extinguised, and the woodsmoke has almost entirely cleared. A sea salt mist lingers in the background throughout.
Vanilla and toffee linger very briefly, but almost extinguish immediately. Probably the weakest part of this whisky – but not because of its flavor; that is quite nice. Instead, it disappears far too quickly to truly appreciate the complex undertones that this master distiller has imparted in his whisky.
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