Sense & Cigars

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TOUCH: If your concern is that the cigar has been kept in the correct conditions of humidity, there is a simple test that involves touch.

SMELL: The sense of smell plays a comparatively  insignificant but pleasurable role.

ANTICIPATION: The sixth sense anticipation comes in when you are considering what brand and size to buy, be it a full box or a single stick.

TASTE: When it comes to taste, experience is the only trustworthy guide.

Taking the time to perform a few simple steps can help you get the most out of a fine smoke.

Top: Gently hold your cigar between your thumb and a finger to perform the “squeeze test.” Center: Always cut just above the line where the cap meets the wrapper. Bottom: Hold the foot of your cigar at a 90-degree angle against your lighter’s flame, and rotate until it is evenly toasted. Next, hold the flame about half-inch from the end of your cigar and steadily draw until it meets the foot. Bottom: Gently blow on the now-lit foot to ensure that your the light is even and now…enjoy. Wait! Wait! not so fast. Make sure to leave¬†yourself time to savor your cigar,as its flavor is likely to build as you smoke it. Reward the torcedor (Who has taken great care to place the leaves within your cigar in the same direction as they grew on the plant) and the cigar shop who kept in proper humidity as well as yourself by not rushing through your smoke.

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