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Dear Steinlager Pure Customers:

New Zealand Breweries has launched Steinlager Pure in the Eastern United States after overwhelming success in New Zealand and Hawaii. Quite simply, Steinlager Pure is the Purest beer from the Purestplace on earth, New Zealand.

New Zealand was the last country on earth to settled by mankind. It is the most pure and natural place on earth. Clean air , water and pure unspoiled earth, New Zealand is a destination for people who want to reconnect with nature. From the hop farms to the barley fields to the eco-friendly new brewery outside of Auckland, there is no beer so pure as a Steinlager Pure.

*Purest ingredients, all sourced in New Zealand, the purest place on Earth.
*Crisp, Natural taste- it tastes Pure. No Additives and No Preservatives.
*New, eco friendly brewery uses less electricity, less water and native plantings.
*Distinctive brand identity versus Heineken or Stella Artois. New Zealand purity.
*Slimline cans provide enjoyable beer drinking experience.
*New Zealand is a prime destination for naturalists and nature lovers.

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