Golden Monkey is a bottle conditioned ale, which means that a slow fermentation continues in each bottle. Subtle, yet wonderful changes in flavor will occur with time. To properly age, store the case upright at 45F to 55F in darkness. We recommend that you enjoy this fine ale up to 3 years past the bottling date stamped.

Enchanting and enlightening . Playful and profound. These are a few of the words that nearly succeed in capturing the spirit of the Golden Monkey. Our homage to the belgian triple ale style is herbal and aromatic, and very well refined. Authentic Belgian yeast and careful crafting make this an experience to savor. Cheers, Bill Ron The Brewmaster of Victory. Silver Medal International Beer Competition 2004 London. Bronze medal Australian International Beer Awards 2008 australia.


Golden Monkey

Strong and sensual, this golden, Belgian-style ale glows. The richness of German malts and Belgian yeast are tempered by a sparkling approach and overall light body. Abundant herbal, fruity notes make this one to savor.

Beer Details- Golden Monkey from Victory Brewing Company in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. This is a Belgian-style tripel ale, meaning that it is brewed with triple the amount of malts typical of Belgian ales. (9.5% ABV)

Appearance – The beer is a rich gold color and very clear in the glass. It has a bubbly, foamy head and we can see beads of carbonation streaming up through the liquid.

Aroma- Spicy and heady. The aroma reminds us a lot of mead! We also get a strong yeastiness, like rising bread dough.

Taste – Oh, wow, was ever a different experience than the first time we tried this beer! Right away, we tasted honey and ginger: sweet, spicy, and hot. This transitioned into a brown sugar and fresh orange juice flavor with a nice balance of bitterness at the end. We could definitely taste the heat from the alcohol on the tongue and in the throat after a few sips, but the alcohol is otherwise very well-hidden.

It has a creamy, full-bodied feeling in our mouths. There’s a lot of carbonation, which gives the beer a crispness that works well with the heavy malts and keeps them from being overwhelming.

Our overall impression is that this is a big, complex beer. Every sip seemed to reveal something new and interesting, especially as the beer warmed up a bit. We haven’t had a lot of other tripels to compare this too, but our reaction is positive. This isn’t one that we’d keep stocked in our fridge for everyday drinking, but it’s a good choice for special occasions.

Food Pairings – There’s so much going on in this Golden Monkey that we wouldn’t want to pair it with anything that would distract or complicate. A basic dinner salad with an acidic dressing would go really well, as would simple¬†steamed fish or other seafood. It would also pair very well with caramel and nut-based desserts. Definitely try it on it’s own, too!