Villiger Original – Krumme (Swiss Quality Since 1888)


Courage and innovation

The history of the House of Villiger begins in 1888, well over a century ago when the bookkeeper Jean Villiger – actively supported by his wife Louise – opened a small cigar manufactory in their home in Pfeffikon, Switzerland. Here in the north of the Swiss Canton of Lucerne, Jean Villiger laid the foundation for the business. Limited knowledge for manufacturing a product is one thing, entrepreneurial flair is another. However knowledge can be acquired. Jean Villiger believed in this philosophy and he succeeded in his task. In 1907, the Villiger Company, which in the meantime had become a sizeable business, surprised the cigar market with the introduction of the first innovative product. At the suggestion of Ms. Louise Villiger, the Villiger Kiel was introduced. This cigar with a mouthpiece made of a goose quill helps to keep loose tobacco out of the mouth. Today, the Kiel is still the “mother of all mouthpiece cigars“, and in Switzerland it is the best sold cigar of its type. Innovations in product development and production have always been very important at the House of Villiger. This also reflects on the insistence of Ms. Louise Villiger, which already in 1910 set up a branch in Waldshut-Tiengen in Southern Germany. Hans and Max Villiger of the second generation manage the Company.

Fine, aromatic Original – Krumme, the hand twisted Swiss specialty. The Original – Krumme is made with meticulous care and subjected to strict quality controls.


How to enjoy the Original – Krumme : Carefully untwist the three cigars to free the one you wish to enjoy. Take your time to light the Original – Krumme until embers appear evenly at the lit end of the cigar. The more evenly the cigar is light, the more fully the unique aroma of the Original – Krumme will develop. Enjoy. ( Available in Stock ).