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In the context of a cigars, ligero is a unique leaf variety used in the blending process. Each cigar is made up of its own special construction, resulting in a unique blend and flavor that gives each cigar its own feel and enjoyment. In particular, the ligero leaf is part of the tobacco plant with direct exposure to the sun. This sunlight results in an enhanced effectiveness of the plan and a higher level of nicotine than is traditionally in other parts of the tobacco plan.

As a result, ligero tobacco is blended in to give more strength to the cigar. Cigar aficionados appreciate a precise blend in their cigars and top handmade cigars feature the finest quality tobacco, including ligero leaf. Each hand made cigar has its own composition, providing for differences in terms of the amount of tobacco, nicotine and filler in each cigar – the finest cigars are known for high quality, rich tobacco which is grown on top quality soil. A fine cigar begins with quality agricultural techniques and well tended to tobacco plants produce ligero cigars of the finest quality.

Certain varieties are known as double ligero for their extra tobacco (and nicotine) strength. These lines are particularly robust in their flavor and aroma, preferred by aficionados who prefer complex, rich and strong cigars. Dominican cigars often feature extra ligero, which has given them a fine reputation among certain cigar lovers, while a number of European blends also feature the leaf. You can purchase Ligero cigars in a wide variety of types, ranging from traditional European hand rolled cigars to the finest Central American varieties.

There is no single Ligero cigar, per se; instead, Ligeros refer to a type of cigars which are made by a number of producers. For individuals who prefer stronger, more robust cigars, look for double or extra ligero varieties to provide extra strength to your smoking experience

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